Summer is here, and we’ve got you covered for self-care ideas! Below are activities to do during the summer months for children, families, teens, and teachers. Keep your mind enriched and your stress low with these fun projects and mental health tips!

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Free Coloring Book

For many, coloring is a throwback to childhood. It’s also a simple and fun way to practice mindfulness. That’s why we decided to create a WRAP-themed coloring book to celebrate Mental Health Action Day. Print it off for free and get creative!

Zones of Regulation-Free Printables

The Zones of Regulation is a complete social-emotional learning curriculum created to teach children self-regulation and emotional control.

It’s often taught in school or therapy settings, but parents can use and teach The Zones of Regulation at home, too! Implementing strategies across different environments increases the success of the program.

Anna Freud Self-Care Summer Packs

These packs feature a range of creative activities based on self-care strategies that other young people have found useful in helping them stay mentally healthy.

Office of Mental Health Color Me Hopeful Free Coloring Pages

Print these free coloring pages from the Office of Mental Health and use your imagination!

Emotional Regulation Activities (For Tweens & Teens)

Stabilizing coping strategies and self-regulating tools help teens take ownership of challenging and overwhelming emotions.

learning for Justice summer self-Care Kit (For Teachers)

Let’s use some time this summer to rejuvenate and reflect on your classroom practice!