Chautauqua Tapestry’s

Winter Wellness Toolkit

Maintaining good mental health for kids during the winter is crucial. The combination of colder weather, fewer daylight hours, and potential holiday stress can impact children’s well-being. Here are some strategies from Chautauqua Tapestry to support winter mental health for kids.

For Parents 

Maintaining good mental wellness begins at home. Several easy and fun ways exist to achieve a happy and healthy mindset. Here are a few strategies we recommend!

Outdoor Playtime:

Encourage outdoor activities, even in the winter. Fresh air and physical exercise can improve mood and reduce stress. Bundle up in warm clothing and engage in winter sports or simple outdoor play.

Here’s an idea for outdoor play!

All Weather Activities: Kohls Cares

Daylight Exposure:

Ensure exposure to natural daylight. Open curtains during the day to let in sunlight and encourage outdoor activities during daylight hours. Limited exposure to natural light can contribute to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Click here to learn more about (SAD) and how it can affect your child in the winter months. 

Structured Routine:

Maintain a consistent daily routine. Predictability and structure can provide a sense of security for children, helping them feel more in control of their environment.

Here’s a free printable example of what we mean! 

Action for Healthy Kids: Family Self-Care Plan 

Creative Indoor Activities:

Plan indoor activities stimulating creativity, such as arts and crafts, drawing, or building projects. Engaging in creative activities can be both fun and therapeutic.

Here’s an easy way to have indoor fun on those snowy, cold days! 

Healthier Generation: 40 Tips For Active Families

Healthy Nutrition:

Provide nutritious meals and snacks. A well-balanced diet is crucial to overall health, including mental well-being. Include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Here’s a yummy recipe to try!

(Bonus points if they help out!)

Healthier Generation Food Planner

For Teachers


The remainder of the school year post-winter break can be difficult for students and teachers. We’ve put together a few fun and mindful activities for students to transition back into the classroom smoothly. Click each link to redirect to an activity! 


Help ease the transition with a few icebreakers:

“Find a friend-winter break edition!” 

“My winter break” activity


Get back on track:

“6 activities to do your first week back after winter break.”

Get acclimated to the New Year:

“Hello, January!” writing activity

Have a mental health check-in: 

“Feelings Jar” 


Check out these creative New Year coloring pages!

Click each photo to be redirected to a printable PDF. 

Watch this snowy sensation guided meditation!  

Click to watch the YouTube video

For Teens 

Returning to school after the winter break can be tricky; we get it.

Here are some videos to help you acclimate to a New Year, some ideas for self-care in high school, and a Seasonal Affective Disorder guide. 

First Day Of summer!